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A Chat with Music Supervisor David Hayman


| April 26, 2012

There is harmony in the collision of music and image. This is where you will find David Hayman, who has spent his entire life working with images and music for new and traditional forms of media. This harmonious union is his art. Since 2005 David led a strong team of music supers at Toronto’s Vapor […]

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Interview with award winning producer Jack Splash


| March 5, 2012

“It came to him in a dream-a weird, psychedelic dream about robots and butterfly-shaped spaceships. And it launched him into action.” But Jack Splash hadn’t been sitting around waiting for things to happen. As an artist and producer, Jack has had one hell of a wild ride these last five years. With the 12-inch release […]

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February News


| February 5, 2012

Hey Everyone! There are a bunch of new & exciting things happening! First, our library continues to grow at an amazing pace. We’re amazed at the quality of the music we receive every day from composers from all around the world. Thank you all! We recently released several enhancements to the website to ensure an […]

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