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How to remove vocals from a song


| July 31, 2016

We often get these questions: How do I remove the vocal from a song? or how do I raise or lower the volume of the vocal from an already mastered track? We recently came across ADX TRAX Pro 3.0 by Audinamix. This is a great tool for DJs, Remixers and Post-production facilities. It allows you […]

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What are the most popular music genres?


| January 17, 2014

Have you ever asked yourself what the most popular music genres are? Well, Google has put together this Music Timeline that shows the exactly that. The figured it out by looking at their users playlists on Google Play. Check it out this really cool interactive infographic:

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The Art of Listening


| October 15, 2013

By Dylan Schiavone   I’ve wanted to write this article for quite a while now. I am going to be talking about a very important skill that in my observation, is rarely discussed in any sort of specific or instructive way. It’s a subject of such critical importance to the act of making and experiencing […]

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