Put your phone down!


| August 19, 2013

I know this is a blog about music, film, TV and production but today I am doing a little rant.


I was driving on the Turnpike and I observed that about 4 out 10 drivers where glued to their cellphones while driving at anywhere between 60 to 80 miles per hour. This is absolutely insane! Immediately I went into my usual “I have to fix it” mode, but first I had to figure out the reason for this craziness.


After thinking about it long and hard I came to the conclusion that even though we all know that this behavior is completely insane, dangerous and irresponsible, we keep doing it because it not illegal (at least not in florida). Now, do you realize the degree of immaturity of this? We are all waiting until using our smartphones while driving becomes illegal or until some huge tragedy along the lines of 9/11 happens so that we take action. The worst part is that these tragedies are already happening in staggering numbers. I don’t want to get into the statistics and how it is sometimes even worse than drunk driving. But here is a campaign AT&T put together to raise
awareness on the issue:



How about if we stop acting like children and take responsibility for our actions? How about if we do the right thing instead of waiting for someone to yell at us as if we were defying toddlers? Can you imagine living in a world where people do the right thing? What a concept!


I encourage you to share this and do the right thing: PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING!!