Q&A with Music Supervisor Todd Porter


| June 28, 2012

Todd Porter

Music Supervisor Todd Porter

Todd Porter, Music Supervisor/Producer, Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners

Todd Porter is a music supervisor and commercial producer who has been working at Goodby, Silverstein and Partners for the past ten or twenty years. After placing music in many many spots, interactive pieces and pitch videos they created a department and gave him the additional title of Music Supervisor, (the first in the agency’s history.) Recently he’s been working on Chevy and Frito Lay, where he’s placed Fun’s “We are Young” in a super bowl spot that was the beginning of their ride up the charts to 6 weeks at #1 and 4.8 million copies of the single sold after the Chevy spot debuted. He was also the music supervisor and part of the team that produced the Doritos JACKED stage at SXSW in 2012. His mission is to help bands by giving them money from multi national conglomerates.


How and when did you get into music?

Birth, my father was a musician and my bedroom was his band’s practice space, from there I went deep into punk, then hip hop, then over to the dark side of dance music, DJ’d a lot of parties, was a Dj in college, and then a music director at my college radio station, had a small electronic/dance music studio, did a lot of bad remixes for my friend’s bands. Music has always been the driving force in my life.


How did you land your music supervisor gig at Goodby, Silverstein, & Partners?

Pretty organic process really, I’m a producer too, and over the years I was the person that helped with music on everyone else’s jobs, this got to be a bigger and bigger role for me, and then we got a massive car account and they needed to make things more official, and that’s when I got the title of Music Supervisor.


Do you have a method for selecting music for a specific project or does it differ from project to project?

It’s pretty different from project to project, I try to start with the stuff in my library, or songs that are top of mind, and then I reach out to a number of trusted labels/publishers/bands/reps, but it’s all contextual, the way I search for indie rock is totally different than the way I search for classical or vintage recordings.


Do you ever use music libraries as a source of music? If so, what specifically do you look for in terms of quality?

Yes, all the time. My mantra for any project I work on is, “would you have this playing at home?” So, I really listen for tracks that are played and produced well, pieces that could have a life beyond the :30/:60 parameters of the project I’m working on. If you listen to a lot of music (and specifically a lot of library music) you’ll know what I mean.


What style of music would you say is the most used nowadays in advertising?

Well, we are at a bit of a crossroads here,it’s been a lot of Big licenses from BIG bands, but  licensing is catching up to the EDM thing a bit, so I think things are heading a bit more in that direction, we’re also seeing a bit of a move towards original recordings of American music.


What are you working on right now?

Chevy, Google, YouTube, NBA, Specialized Bikes, Corona Light, Frito Lay, Comcast and Hacking Autism. There’s some personal work too, check out “The Goodwin Project” it’s going to be amazing!


What advice do you have for composers who are looking to place music on ads?

Well, the first thing for me is don’t try to knock off what’s already been done and licensed, look to where music is going, do your research on the state of advertising and try to stay ahead of the curve. There’s plenty of sites out there that wil let you see and hear what’s happening, and most agencies will have sites you can check out.

I mentioned this earlier, but listen to your own stuff and ask yourself, would this be viable outside of a short sample in a spot or internet piece?


Thanks Todd!


Here you can check out some of Todd’s recent work:


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BIG- Miami Heat Playoff Promo – YouTube
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See what it’s like to go Google – YouTube
BIG – Dirk Nowitzki – YouTube
Rajon Rondo Commercial – Big Plays – YouTube
Corona Light STAN – YouTube
Goodwin Project Teaser – YouTube
I Want to Say Documentary Trailer – YouTube
Chevrolet Cruze- Shine – YouTube
Chevy- Rainy Day – YouTube
NBA Hugs ShaqPietrus – YouTube
Dickies PBR – YouTube
Chevy Silverado- BRMC – YouTube
Chevy- Birthday Party – YouTube
Camaro- Reaction – YouTube
WTA- Countries.mov – YouTube
CHEVROLET VOLT Gas Money – YouTube