February News


| February 5, 2012

Hey Everyone!

There are a bunch of new & exciting things happening!

First, our library continues to grow at an amazing pace.
We’re amazed at the quality of the music we receive every day from composers from all around the world.
Thank you all!

We recently released several enhancements to the website to ensure an even better user experience. Among these updates you can now listen to song previews in a much better quality allowing the buyer to get a real sense of what the music really sounds like.
Also, we will soon be accepting: .WAV and .AIFF formats. “What?” Yes!

AND… we are improving the genre browsing tree to make it easier to navigate.

We are also launching a new interview series to get to know some of the top music producers, songwriters, supervisors, directors, etc. in our industry. Make sure you subscribe to our blog to learn from and be inspired by these amazing people… (We also hope you’ll be one of the contributors in the near future! So just keep those hits coming!)

**A note to composers: On our last update we started allowing you to replace song files just in case you want to turn that shaker up on the mix or pan the ocarina a little more to the left. Did we hear someone ask “Ok Ducks, how do you do it?” Well, it is easy. Just click on the name of your song from within the dashboard.

We have also been getting a lot of Dubstep requests. If you have songs in that genre make sure you submit them for approval.


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Stay quacking!