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How to remove vocals from a song


| July 31, 2016

We often get these questions: How do I remove the vocal from a song? or how do I raise or lower the volume of the vocal from an already mastered track?
We recently came across ADX TRAX Pro 3.0 by Audinamix. This is a great tool for DJs, Remixers and Post-production facilities.


It allows you to:

-Create vocal and/or instrumental riffs to drop into a mix
-Create music beds from well know songs to mashup and mix up
-Create contemporary and artistic remixes and mashups using any vocal and/or instrumental
-Clean up a recording that may have mic bleed from other instruments into the vocal track
-Add volume to a vocal that was mixed and mastered too low
-Add effects and processing to a vocal or solo instrument that is already mixed without need of separate stems

Here’s a world renowned sound engineer Dave Pensado talking about this software:

If you use it let us know how it worked for you.




Better, faster, stronger website


| September 30, 2015

We are really excited to announce that we’ve been working for many many MANY months on our new website and it’s finally ready to go! We’ve completely redesigned it from the ground up to make it more user friendly and easy to use. Here are some of our new features and improvements:

Better search, better results

We revamped our search engine to make it easy to refine your results. It looks better and it works better.

Search box

Improved search engine


New collections

We added new collections to our ever growing list to help you find your music faster.


Music collections


New exclusivity filter

We have an increasing number of tracks that are exclusive to our library and you can now search for those tracks using our new exclusivity filter.

Exclusivity filter



Playlists, finally!

Have you ever listened to a song and thought “gee, that’s a great track but it’s not what I need right now”. Well, from now on registered users can save songs to a playlist for later recall.




Waveform preview!

We geeks love this one! You can now see a preview of the audio waveform and skip around the track faster than ever before.


Waveform displayed while previewing a song.


New interface, faster, better, stronger.

We think you are gonna love our new look. It is based on the newest responsive design standards and works (at least it should) on every device.

Duration Filter

The duration filter is now easier to use: just drag the 2 sliders from left to right to specify the song length you are looking for.

Duration filter slider

Duration filter slider


iPhone, iPad, Android?

We improved compatibility across devices so you can now use pretty much every functionality anywhere you go.




Simplified genre list

We simplified our genre list to make it easier and more usable.

Make an offer

Our make an offer feature also had a make over and it is now more visible and user friendly.

Make an offer

Make an offer


Download preview

You can download songs to preview and show your client. You can later access these songs through your account for future reference.

We really hope you love our improved site. And please tell us what you think about it!

Start searching now!




Swinford Music scores a placement with the Ad Council


| September 23, 2014

Congratulations to Swinford Music who has scored a placement for an Ad Council Campaign for the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. The spot was produced by The Vidal Partnership.


You can see the latest spot here: